Wastewater treatment


Waterix designs and manufactures a variety of device for municipal and industrial wastewater treatment. The range of products includes aerators, mixers and denitrification device.


The Waterix aerators are a good choice for municipal and industrial wastewater treatment. The aerators also act as mixers right down to the bottom of the aeration basin. The device work excellently in shallow and medium-deep basins. The recommended basin depth is 2 – 8 meters.

Waterix aerators have many applications in the wastewater purification process:

  • pre-aeration and aeration basins
  • equalization basins
  • landfill leachate
  • municipal and industrial wastewater treatment plants
  • cooling and aerating at the same time

Waterix aerators extract water from the bottom of the basin, aerate on the surface and sprays water efficiently sideways. Using this method, in addition to achieving aeration, powerful water circulation and mixing is achieved. In many cases, separate extra mixing procedures are not required.

AIRIT®-aerators are controlled by OxControl-software running in the Ac-drive. This OxControl software, developed by Waterix, enables direct feedback coupling to the oxygen meter, programming of aeration and mixing cycles of various lengths, and automatic impeller cleaning cycle.

As Waterix aerators are easy to install and do not require a large infrastructure, additional ones can be easily added later according to requirements. If we estimate the municipal population to increase by 10 – 50 % in the next 20 years, aeration basins should be constructed to cater for a growth of 50 %. However, aerators can be installed only as required. This is an excellent way to avoid excess capacity. As the Waterix aerators can be serviced without interrupting aeration, it is possible to safely construct single line treatment facilities using these device. Usually savings are considerable.

In equalization basins with large water level fluctuations the ideal answer is Waterix AIRIT®-aerators fitted with pontoons.

In shallow aeration channels, bottom aeration is almost an impossible alternative, because the operating efficiency and output remain low due to the shallowness of the water. This is ideal for Waterix AIRIT®-aerators as their operating efficiency or power is not affected by twater depth. The aeration basin depth can range between 1 – 13 meters.

The greatest energy savings of approx. 30-40%  can be achieved in shallow and medium depth basins of up to 6 meters.

Waterix AIRIT®-aerators are available in a number of sizes according to load capacity requirements.


Waterix MIXIT® mixers can be used in a number of wastewater purificiation applications:

  • aeration basins
  • equalization basins
  • denitrification basins
  • chemical mixing

Waterix MIXIT® mixers are typically equipped with downflow tubes which intensify the mixing effectiveness. The water in the basin is effectively circulated and, in particular, the bottom mixing of the basin is more effective.

Mixers are usually equipped with a frequency transformer which enables stepless adjusting of the mixing powe. Additionally, the frequency transformer is programmed to periodically change the impeller’s rotation thereby cleaning itself at the same time.


Waterix has two denitrification process products, the regular MIXIT® mixer and the innovative Denit combination device which combines both mixer and aerator.

Waterix Denit is specially designed for wastewater purification basins that normally require only mixing yet sometimes need powerful aeration with mixing. Basins such as these include, for instance, denitrification basins that normally only employ anaerobic mixing. However, when starting up the wastewater treatment plant or if overloaded, aerobic procedures are used to aerate and mix using the same device.

When an aerator and a mixer are combined into a single device, the investment savings are quite considerable. Before, a typical solution for a basin such as this was a submersed mixer and bottom aeration. Aeration is probably used for around 5 – 10 % of the time, and a large infrastructure has been constructed for this purpose. Operating this way, there is overlapping in investments for the two different devices.

In order to Waterix Denit to operate as effectively as possible as a mixer, it takes water from the surface of the basin and conducts it along the downflow tube to the bottom of the basin, thus enabling an especially powerful mix at the bottom. Both mixing and circulation work effectively. When the Waterix Denit device is used for aeration, water is drawn up to the surface by an wide intake pipe and efficiently thrusted to the sides. In addition to powerful aeration, both strong mixing and circulation is achieved.

One special application for Denit worth mentioning is large sequential batch treatment plants (SBR) where aeration and mixing alternate. Here  Waterix Denit can replace completely separate mixer and aeration device.