Golf course and park ponds

A common problem at many golf courses is the poor condition of the water obstacles and irrigation basins. This is partly caused by algae which block watering equipment, destroy grass, produces unpleasant odours, as well are an eyesore for the players. Another reason for the poor condition of a basin is high nutrient content, a result of fertilizing the area. In groundwater a typical problem can be leached iron.

Waterix has developed the AIRIT Golf aerator to take care of these problems. It has qualities especially intended to assist golf course basin maintenance.

The aerator affects the amount of oxygen, leaching of nutrients and the temperature of the water. AIRIT Golf effectively mixes the cold surface and groundwater. Together with cooling-optimized spray, efforts are made to keep the temperature below 18 °C, preventing algae from increasing. The powerful mixing keeps taking algae at the dark depths of the basin, which effectively prevents new algae growth. Oxygen-rich surface water prevents the leaching phosphor in the basal sediment and chemically changes iron and phosphor into an indissoluble form that is not detrimental to vegetation.

In addition to making water clearer, aerated and quickly circulated water prevents mosquito eggs and larvae from surviving in the ponds thereby significantly reducing the number of mosquitoes in the area.

The Waterix AIRIT Golf dissolves up to 72 kg of oxygen during a 24-hour period at the best operating efficiency of its class (2.0 kgO2/kWh). In addition, the AIRIT Golf is an effective water mixer. Water flow through the device is 69 litres per second (5962 m3/d). The device is supplied with its own pontoons so it is easy to install. Its gross weight with pontoons is only 34 kg, so it’s very easy to move.

AIRIT Golf, just like other Waterix aerators, is renowned for low energy consumption, easy handling and minimal need for maintenance and servicing.  The AIRIT Golf has been especifically designed for the maintenance of golf course basins.

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