Natural waters

Waterix aerators are ideally suited for aeration of natural waters such as lakes, ponds and lagoons. These device are much lighter than the competition, the operating efficiency in aeration is very high and the device also endure very severe conditions.

Within a short period of time Waterix has become the largest supplier in Finland of aeration devices for natural waters.

There are a number of reasons for oxidizing natural waters:

  • maintenance of oxygen balance
  • prevention of fish fatalities
  • purification of odorous water
  • reduction of algae
  • improving survival chances for valuable fish stock

In many cases motives are numerous. One very general requirement with, for instance, lake aeration is to maintain an oxygen content  near the bottom depressions of the basin at a level of at least 2mg/l. This prevents phosphor leaching into the water from the sediment. The dissolved phosphor not only speeds up algae bloom in the lake, but also makes it eutrophic. Aeration is often dimensioned to ensure oxygen content in depressions to remain primarily above 5mg/l. In this way valuable fish thrive well in the lake in respect to oxygen content.

There’s often the risk of fish fatalities in shallow and small lakes or ponds. This doesn’t recur each year. In the worst case, fish fatalities from lack of oxygen kill all the predatory fish in a lake. Fingerlings can be stocked in their place, but it is years before there are any predatory fish big enough to be caught. Fish fatalities may be prevented by using even a small aerator. Predatory fish in particular try to access areas of the lake with high oxygen content. It is important that in these cases, aeration is initiated in good time, for instance in February, and continued right through to the thawing of the waterway. Waterix AIRIT® 70 is an excellent aerator for preventing fish fatalities.


There are several different sizes of Waterix AIRIT® aerators for the aeration of natural waters. The most used are Waterix AIRIT® 70 and AIRIT® 200 and both of these models can be equipped with return tube which keep lakes stratification stable. All aerators models to lake are fitted with pontoons. They are suitable for different uses from small ponds to large lake depressions.

In addition, Waterix MIXIT -mixers are used as an oxidizers in lakes. Oxidixers moves lakes oxidized surface water to the bottom. Waterix Mixit-oxidizers are dimensioned case-by-case.