Cooling process water

Typically Waterix COOLIT® coolers can be used to replace traditional and expensive cooling towers. Example applications are:

  • wastewater produced by the forestry industry,
  • water used for watering greenhouses
  • cooling of industrial and power plant process water

An example use – Waterix coolers are installed in the aeration basin – they cool and aerate simultaneously. This completely eliminates the need for separate cooling measures before aeration. The savings on investments, electricity and servicing are considerable.

When Waterix coolers are used, the water runs free in the basin cooled using a COOLIT® series cooler. The structure of the cooler requires it to be mobilised outdoors with a minimum basin diameter of four meters. If the intention is to store cold water in the basin for possible cooling on hot days, the depth of the basin should be optimized as deep as possible.

The operating efficiency of Waterix coolers is approximately the same as that of the best cooling towers currently available. Also, the cooling power of Waterix coolers can be steplessly controlled using the feedback. In this way, the temperature of the liquid in the cooling basin is measured and this value controls the cooling using the transformer, and keeps the temperature at the set level.

Waterix coolers may be installed on booms or floats. The use of floats significantly facilitates installation when, for example, the water level in the basin fluctuates. Using floats, the need for construction of costly catwalks is also avoided. Installation is easy because of the compact size of the device.

Waterix coolers have a structure which prevents blockage – impurities or operating efficiency is not hampered. The unblockable structure reduces need for service, especially when compared to cooling tower solutions.