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    DENIT-combination devices

    w-rix-denit_tmaIn Waterix DENIT combination devices is combined effective aeration of AIRIT®-aerator and MIXIT® mixer’s mixing features. For example in the denitrification / nitrification process in wastewater, aeration (nitrification) and mixing (denitrification) can be done with one device, the savings in investments and in maintenance can be significant.


    Sequential denitrification mixing and aeration of industrial and municipal wastewater with a single unit.

    Low initial investment

    Since infrastructure need is minimal, DENIT Combination Device has economical purchasing price. DENIT Combination Device also combines two historically separate units and therefore lowers the purchase costs.

    Adjustable mixing and aerating speed

    DENIT Combination Device comes with a frequency converter which enables correct aeration or mixing speed/thrust and optimized energy consumption.

    Low maintenance requirements

    Since in many installations there is more than one unit in the process basin, the maintenance can be done without interrupting the process. The total investment will be lower, since there is no need of doubling the line capacity just for the maintenance purposes. There are no parts in the system that would require regular maintenance of replacement; therefore the maintenance requirement is very low.

    Easy and fast to install

    Waterix DENIT Combination Device is very compact and no need for extensive infrastructure and therefore it is easy and fast to install.


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    DENIT 400A DENIT 800A DENIT 1600A DENIT 2100A
    Oxygen transfer rate kgO2/h 7.0 15.0 31.0 42.0
    Motor kW 5.5 11 22 30
    Thrust in mixing mode N 320 640 1280 1680
    Weight with floats kg 160 400 560 600
    The results have ±15% accuracy