Water treatment solutions for industrial, municipal and natural lakes

Waterix® – advanced environmental technology since 2003

Waterix develops and manufactures device for the treatment of municipal and industrial sewage and process water cooling . Waterix® products are also suitable for  the aeration of natural waters, crayfish and fish farms, as well as golf course ponds.

In its development work, Waterix pays special attention to the overall costs for the entire lifecycle and the eco-efficiency of the products.



Products for every need

Common characteristics for the device are:

  • High operating efficiency
  • Easy to manage and install
  • Virtually maintenance-free structure
  • Affordable overall costs for the entire lifecycle


Efficient turbine surface aerator with intake pipe


Dynamic mixer with downward flow pipe


Future solution for cooling of hot water.

DENIT-combination devices

Combination device there where mixing and aeration is needed to alternate.

Pond aerators

High quality aerators for the water quality management of golf and park course ponds