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    Airit Golf

    The best choice for effective aeration, recommended maximum size of pond: diameter 100m, depth 4m


    Airit Golf is a compact, light and efficient aerator.

    A common problem on many golf courses is the poor condition of water hazards and irrigation systems. This is partially due to algae, which blocks irrigation devices, destroys the lawn and causes unpleasant odours and unsightly scenery. Another reason for the poor condition of pools is the high nutrient content of the water, which is a result of fertilisation in the area. In addition, a typical problem with groundwater is iron which has dissolved into the water.

    Waterix has developed the Airit Golf aerator to combat this problem and help to maintain golf course irrigation pools. The aerator affects the amount of oxygen, the dissolution of nutrients and the temperature of the water. The device effectively mixes cold surface water and ground water. The aim is to keep the temperature under 18°C together with a spray optimised for cooling, so that algae cannot spread. In addition, the effective mixing also moves the algae continuously into a dark, deep pool, which efficiently prevents it from growing. Oxygen-rich water prevents the dissolution of phosphorous in the base sediment from dissolving into the water and chemically changes iron and phosphorous into an insoluble form which is not hazardous to the flora.


    • High efficiency
    • Low energy consumption
    • Doesn't require extensive infrastructure
    • Low initial investment
    • Easy to install and maintain
    • Also works as a mixer
    • Flexible capasity increase


    • Motor 1.5 kW
    • Water flow 198 m3/h
    • Weight with pontoons 40 kg
    • Spray diameter 3-3.5 m
    • Estimated price of electricity consumption €5 per day

    Airit Golf can also be used to aerate park ponds and lakes. Airit Golf can be equipped with lights for an attractive appearance.