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    Fountain 1.0-S

    Inexpensive choice for small ponds, recommended maximum pond size: diameter 50 m, depth 2 m


    The Fountain 1.0-S fountain is intended for applications that require a lot of showiness. The device weighs only 25 kg and is easy to move. Fountain 1.0-S is equipped with a single-phase motor, so it can be connected to the electricity grid anywhere. Unlike other Waterix devices, the Fountain 1.0-S does not contain a suction pipe and has a submersible motor. In addition to visibility, Fountain 1.0-S aerates and forces the water to move.

    • Good efficiency
    • Low energy consumption
    • Does not require extensive infrastructure
    • Small initial investment
    • Easy to install and maintain
    • Flexible capacity increase
    • Motor 1.0 kW
    • Water flow 23 l/sec
    • Water flow 82 m3/h
    • Weight with floats 25 kg
    • Shower diameter 7.0 m
    • Shower height 3.2 m
    • Estimated price of electricity consumption €3.5/day

    Because of its small size, Fountain 1.0-S is well suited for small and medium-sized ponds. The areas of use are the proximity of your own beach and the ponds of parks and golf courses. It is possible to equip the Fountain 1.0-S with lights, which gives the aerator an impressive appearance.