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    Corona Borealis

    A visually impressive medium-sized aerating water fountain, recommended maximum size of pond: diameter max. 50m, depth 4m

    CORONA BOREALIS is designed especially for water hazards on golf courses and for irrigation pools and to improve the water quality of ponds in parks. Above all it is an aerator and cooler, but it also effectively mixes water and causes it to circulate. The important aesthetic aspect of golf courses and parks has not been forgotten.

    CORONA BOREALIS removes unpleasant odours and clarifies pondwater. Aeration increases the amount of oxygen in water, which promotes bacterial action to remove nutrients. Together with efficient mixing and cooling, this also prevents the formation of algae.


    • High efficiency
    • Low energy consumption
    • Doesn't require extensive infrastructure
    • Low initial investment
    • Easy to install and maintain
    • Also works as a mixer
    • Flexible capasity increase


    • Aerating fountain
    • Motor 2.2 kW
    • Water flow 180 m3/h
    • Weight with pontoons 50 kg
    • Spray diameter 7-8 m
    • Estimated price of electricity consumption €8 per day

    CORONA BOREALIS is a good choice for improving the quality of pondwater in style. CORONA BOREALIS can be equipped with lights to make this already impressive water fountain even more attractive in the dark.