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Waterix AIRIT 450


  • High operational efficiency for low energy consumption
  • No need for complex infrastructure
  • Low initial investment
  • Easy and fast to install
  • Minimal maintenance
  • Effective water circulation and mixing
  • Flexible capacity optimization
  • Easy to adjust

Product specifications

  • Motor 11 kW
  • Standard Aeration Efficiency (SAE) 2.0 kgO2/kWh
  • Water flow 460 l/s
  • Weight with floats 360 kg

Waterix AIRIT® 450 is a medium-sized aerator, which is ideal for aerating both for sewage basins and for large lakes. The AIRIT® 450 aerator needs an area in the basin with a diameter of approximately six meters. An intake pipe up to a length of twelve meters may be fitted to the aerator. When fitted with the long intake pipe, the device is especially suitable for aeration of deeper basins or lakes.