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    Waterix AIRIT 1700



    • High operational efficiency for low energy consumption
    • No need for complex infrastructure
    • Low initial investment
    • Easy and fast to install
    • Minimal maintenance
    • Effective water circulation and mixing
    • Flexible capacity optimization
    • Easy to adjust

    Product specifications

    • Motor 45 kW
    • Standard Aeration Efficiency (SAE) 2.0 kgO2/kWh
    • Water flow 1820 l/s
    • Weight with floats 1200 kg

    Waterix AIRIT® 1700 aerator is designed to for larger aeration requirements. Its main applications are wastewater treatment processes of large municipalities and industry, in particular for the pulp and paper industry. The AIRIT® 1700 aerator moves a vast amount of water and it is therefore also efficient mixer. In processes where aeration is irregular, with frequency converter the device may also be used as a mixer only. Like other Waterix devices AIRIT® 1700 aerator can be in a frequency converter control. In this way, the aeration efficiency can be adjusted steplessly and the most cost-efficient solution will be achieved. Real time measurement of oxygen can be connected to aerator’s control system, so the aerator operates only on the power level which is currently required.