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    MIXIT 400

    Waterix MIXIT 400 mixers are suitable for mixing of wastewater and industrial process water.

    Other suitable uses for MIXIT 400 mixers, for example, are quick mixing of chemicals into liquids.

    Waterix MIXIT mixers are equipped with downward flow pipe which allows efficient mixing to the bottom of the tank with short shaft. Short shaft saves motor bearings and increase the service life of the device. In addition, the mixer motor is not in contact with water, which also increases the reliability of the mixer and reduce the need for maintenance.


    • No need for complex infrastructure
    • Minimal maintenance
    • Low initial investment
    • Easy and fast to install
    • Effective water circulation and mixing
    • Flexible capacity optimization
    • Easy to adjust

    Product specifications

    • Motor 2.2 kW
    • Thrust 410 N
    • Water flow 190 l/sek
    • Weight with floats 150 kg

    Waterix MIXIT mixers structure is reliable and they are usually delivered with floats. Therefore, the mixer is easy to handle and install without emptying the basin. MIXIT mixers can be equipped with a frequency converter, wherein the mixing power can be adjusted continuously and thus achieve an optimal flow and energy consumption. In addition, it is possible program propeller cleaning cycle to the frequency converter, which will extend the service life of the motor bearings.