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    Waterix COOLIT 22000

    Waterix COOLIT® -cooler is easy to install and service. The efficiency is higher than in cooling towers. Its main applications are cooling of industrial process water and wastewater or heating plant’s turbine waters.


    • High operational efficiency for low energy consumption
    • Robust design for minimal maintenance
    • Low initial investment
    • Easy and fast to install
    • Effective water mixing and aeration
    • Energy can be stored in water basin
    • Easy adjusting of cooling power


    • Motor 5.5 kW
    • Cooling output 22.0 kg air/s
    • Oxygen transfer rate 110 kgO2/d
    • Spray diameter 14 m
    • Weight with floats 110 kg

    Waterix COOLIT® coolers has a superb structure that does not get dirty and is maintenance-free, as it does not have any parts liable to blocking such as nozzles. Compared to other systems on the market, the acquisition cost of the Waterix COOLIT® 22000 cooler is low, efficiency is extremely high and installation is easy, quick and affordable.