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Waterix DENIT 2100


Waterix DENIT combination devices are an optimal device where the municipal or industrial wastewater mixing and aeration is needed to alternate. When the water flows from bottom to surface the DENIT aerates and mixes the water. As soon as the impeller rotation direction is changed and water starts to flow from surface to bottom, the aeration stops and unit acts only as a powerful mixer.

DENIT combination devices A-models are optimized for aerating and M-models for mixing.



  • Same unit can do both aeration and denitrification mixing
  • No need for complex infrastructure
  • Savings in investment
  • Minimal maintenance
  • Easy and fast to install
  • Adjustable speed in mixing and aeration

Product specifications


  • Motor 30 kW
  • Oxygen transfer rate 42 kgO2/h
  • Thrust in mixing mode 1680 N
  • Weight with floats 600 kg


  • Motor 30 kW
  • Oxygen transfer rate 36 kgO2/h
  • Thrust in mixing mode 2100 N
  • Weight with floats 600 kg

Waterix DENIT combination devices are usually delivered with floats. Therefore, the device is easy to handle and install without emptying the basin. DENIT devices are equipped with a frequency converter, wherein the aeration and mixing power can be adjusted continuously and thus achieve an optimal flow and energy consumption.