Kontiolahti trout fish farm

Fish farming at Kontiolahti

At Kontiolahti Fish farm the cuttings of salmon, trout and rainbow trout are cultivated to juveniles. Spawn is hatched and the juveniles of 0+ age-class are farmed inside. The older juveniles are farmed outside in surface basins. The water flow is 100-170 l/s depending on the season.

Situation in the beginning

The oxygen rate of the becoming water to the farm was not enough time to time, only 4.5 mg O2/l. It should have been at least 7 mg O2/l to keep the growth of fish fast enough. Low oxygen rate caused problems for the growth of fish.

Performance and funding

In summer 2008 two Airit® 70 aerators were installed to the farm. During installation the water flow was approximately 170 l/s. Aerators were placed very near the point of becoming water.

The rate of dissolved oxygen got up quickly from 4.5 -> over 7 mgO2/l. The Fish farm at Kontiolahti was able to receive KOR-funding (Fund for Aquaculture). Nowadays similar funding is possible to have from European Fund of Aquaculture.


At Kontiolahti Fish farm there was a need to improve the oxygen rate of becoming water. By using  two Waterix Airit® 70 aerators the Fish farm can improve the boost production and the living conditions of fishes.